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our range of products

  • Plastic wads (tube series)

    Plastic wads

    Gualandi Wads since 50 years are synonymous of high quality plastic wads, available in all gauges from12 to 36 (410). The Wads are made to ensure outstanding performance with cartridges for shotguns, in terms of speed, pressure and spread.

  • Slugs


    The Gualandi's Slugs have power, speed and accuracy! Lead or steel, they are designed to achieve exceptional results both for wild boar hunting and for target shooting. They are available in gauges 12, 16 and 20.

  • Diana fiber wads

    Diana fiber wads

    Fiber wads and over-powder cardboards discs, available in gauges 12, 16 and 20, designed to give a traditional product the top quality required by modern requirements.

  • Discs, pads and Various items

    Discs, pads and Various items

    Plastic transparent discs for automatic loading, over-powder cardboards discs and cardboards pads for closing, printed on both sides or blank, shotshells and wads for the 8 gauge C.F., all items made with the usual quality of Gualandi products.