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NEW Palla "Gualbo"®
Better accuracy and stability!

"Gualbo" Ball for target shooting

Extra-light, under-gauged, self-reducing in choking, damping on shooting.

Specially conceived for sequence shooting, it favours quick sight, for hitting moving silhouettes.

Gualbo Ball - GUALBO

g 28.5 approx.





Originality: launching Wad with pre-set fracture cup holding the 20 Gauge under-gauged Projectile.

Self-reducing body: the rings around its circumference enable to balance the trajectory along the barrel, crucial for precision on target and adjustment to throttled and rifled barrels, without leading them any longer.

Materials: alloy projectile - Special material launching wad.

Easy loading: powerful primers - Powders suitable for 32 g shots, increasing the doses by about 0.10-0.15 g - round edge in contact with the container rim, pressing until the slug top is under the edging level.

Single height: 53 mm - 12 Gauge only - one-piece structure enabling easy loading with automatic machines.

Cartridges loaded with Projectile: edge to such an extent as to locate the Projectile top under the edging level, neither protruding, nor sinking.